After graduating from high school, Lynne Torgerson attended the University of Minnesota. When she began college, she was seeking a career through which she could help people. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Political Science and Psychology.

Thereafter, Ms. Torgerson attended William Mitchell College of Law. During law school, she found a fire lit within her in relation to cases involving Constitutional rights. Our constitutional rights were promulgated for our benefit, and, our protection. Also during law school, Ms. Torgerson became a Member of Law Review, participated in Moot Court, was a Judicial Intern to The Honorable Henry W. McCarr, and was the recipient of The Honorable Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Douglas K. Amdahl Scholarship. In 1990, she graduated with Honors. Ms. Torgerson became a lawyer because she wanted to help people.

Ms. Torgerson is admitted to State Bar of Minnesota, the United States District Court, the District of Minnesota, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

After law school, Ms. Torgerson obtained a coveted position as a Law Clerk with The Honorable Ralph J. Geffen, Magistrate Judge, United States District Court, Los Angeles, California.

After returning to Minnesota, Ms. Torgerson founded her own successful law practice out of downtown Minneapolis. (Being a small business owner, she understands the concerns of business owners). Ms. Torgerson practices in the areas of criminal defense, Second Amendment/Gun Rights, and expungements. Ms. Torgerson became a criminal defense lawyer, despite being abhorred for same, one, because she wanted to protect constitutional rights, and secondly, because she was born with a heart of mercy for her clients. Overall, Ms. Torgerson has been protecting constitutional rights for decades. American citizens need to be treated fairly by the courts; guilty and innocent alike. Otherwise, we would be no better than the former Soviet Union.

Ms. Torgerson has won gun rights cases in 36 different counties of the State of Minnesota, as well as the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Ms. Torgerson is a Top Second Amendment Lawyer in the State of Minnesota. Additionally, in 2009, Ms. Torgerson won a case at the United States Supreme Court, based upon 6th Amendment Right of Confrontation, via a denial of certiorari, after prevailing at the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States District Court, District of Minnesota. The issue primarily involved the 6th Amendment Right of Confrontation. Ms. Torgerson has been told that her case has been used as a curriculum in law school(s). In 2010, Ms. Torgerson was awarded an Attorney of Year, by the Minnesota Lawyer Newspaper.

In the past, Ms. Torgerson was Minneapolis City Director for Christians United for Israel. Ms. Torgerson also founded Christians United in Politics. Ms. Torgerson also volunteered for Trump Women 2020.





 I will use the authority of the Office of Minnesota Attorney General for the good of the citizens of the State of Minnesota and the United States of America.

     As established in State of Minnesota, by its Attorney General, Mike Hatch v. American Family Mutual Insurance Co., No. C1-99-1705, (Minn. Ct. App. filed Apr. 4, 2000):

     The attorney general has broad powers at common law:

          As the chief law officer of the state, the attorney general possesses all of the powers inherent in that office at common law . . . the attorney general may institute, conduct, and maintain all such actions and proceedings as he deems necessary for the enforcement of the laws of this state, the preservation of order, and the protection of legal right . . .

          The attorney general has broad statutory powers as well.  The attorney general may appear for the state in all civil causes in the state courts whenever, in the attorney general's opinion, the interests of the state require it.  Minn. Stat. §8.01 (1998).  The attorney general has also been charged with investigating violations of the law "respecting unfair, discriminatory, and other unlawful practices in business, commerce, or trade."  Minn. Stat. §8.31, subd. 1 (1988).

     The Forced, Oppressive Closure of Businesses, Restaurants, Gyms, Salons, etc. by Governor Walz

     I will support the rescission of fines imposed upon businesses due to the forced closure of businesses by Governor Walz.

     I will also support lawsuits by on or behalf of bankrupted and/or harmed businesses due to the forced, coercive, closure of businesses by Governor Walz.  Legal authority supports the claim that under the 5th Amendment due process clause, that this constituted a taking by the government.  Moreover, from the evidence, the absolute infinitessimally small likelihood of death from COVID, made the closure of businesses unnecessary.  Further, the closure of businesses was destructive, and cruel.  Courtrooms require actual evidence not simply unsubstantiated commands. 

     Never before in the history of the United States of America has any government entity, let alone one sole Governor, ever ordered the closure of businesses for more than a few days.  This is possibly the most destructive acts of government against its own citizens in the history of the United States.  The closure of businesses, restaurants, gyms, and salons, etc., by Governor Walz was destructive, coercive, and oppressive.  Moreover, the evidence supports the argument that the business closures were unnecessary.  

     In addition, the Emergency Peace Time Orders of Governor Walz need to be struck down. I plan to establish via lawsuits, that the Emergency Peace Time Orders of Governor Walz were and are:

          Were unconstitutional

          Lacked legal authority

          Were unnecessary

          Were destructive

     By reducing the restrictions, does Governor Walz wants everyone to quickly forget the destruction he wrought in the lives of business owners across this State?  The fear he inflicted.  The pain and sorrow he inflicted.  It is hard enough for many business owners to keep their businesses afloat; our government is not supposed to come in and force businesses to suffer loss and bankruptcy, to force business owners to stand by helplessly and watch their businesses die.  The business closures were unimaginably cruel.  These business owners need to be compensated, under the 5th Amendment due process clause, for their losses. 

     Under the Constitution, American citizens have the right to work. American citizens have the right to labor and to be paid, and thereby, provide for themselves and their families. Indeed, it is the only way for man to provide for himself and his family.

      Fomenting of Racial Hatred

     I have been practicing law for over 30 years, as a criminal defense lawyer.  As such, I have worked very closely with people of all walks of life, rich, poor, black, white, red, yellow, brown, Hmong, gay, native American Indian, East Indian, Tibetan, Asian, African American, Mexican, Guana, Russian, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Kazakhstan, Hindu, etc. 

     The fomenting of racial hatred needs to cease.  I will bring lawsuit(s) to require the cessation of the spewing of racial hatred into the public airways, and in our schools.  One and 1/2 years ago, in early 2020, we didn't have a problem with race relations.  The United States of America is not racist.  The vast majority of white people in America are not racist.  We recently elected a black man as the President of the United States.  That could have only occurred with the support of a great number of white people voting for a black man to become President.  In early 2020, people of different racial make-ups were getting along very well.  Interracial workplace scenarios were normal.  Interracial friendships were common.  The filling of our public airways with racial hatred must be required to cease.  It is dangerous.  It is going to cause people to start killing each other.  It appears that there is a faction in the world who actually want to ignite a race war.  Is this what you really want?  If not, then you must work to stop it.  This is terribly wrong.  Most white people are not racist.  This spewing and fomenting of racial hatred must be stopped. 

     Racial discrimination is already prohibited in the United States.  Racial discrimination IS prohibited in employment, housing, by the government, etc.  

     In addition, Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that people are not to be judged by the color of their skin, but rather, by the content of their character.  I agree with Martin Luther King, Jr.  The attack on a group of people, because of the color of their skin, whether it be white, black, red, brown, yellow, is wrong, and, unconstitutional.  It can be prohibited, and, should be prohibited.  The small percentage of society who want to foment racial hatred must be stopped.  Their message is destructive.  This is not constitutionally protected speech.  Rather, it is dangerous, harmful, unprotected, speech. 

     In addition, the question must be raised:  Why do some 20, 30, and 40 something white American males hate themselves and America?  It is unhealthy to hate yourself and your country.  It is not normal.  If you feel this way, you have been mis-taught.

     The United States of America, while not perfect, is probably the most diverse country on earth.  We also provide the greatest freedom of religion.  This should actually be appreciated.  Is China multi-racial?  Is Japan multi-racial?  Is Saudi Arabia multi-racial?  Has China had a black man as its President?  Is Mexico multi-racial?  Has Mexico had a white man as its President?  Is South America multi-racial?  Is Iran multi-racial?  Has Iran had a Christian as its President?  Is Pakistan multi-racial?  Has Pakistan had a Christian as its President?  Has Saudi Arabia ever had a woman as its President?  The United States has the greatest freedom of religion of any country on earth.

     In addition:  it should be noted that people do not break into tyrannical countries; rather, they flee them.

     In the United States of America, slavery was abolished approximately 150 years ago. No person alive today in the United States has owned a slave. Approximately 600,000 white men died to abolish slavery in the United States. America repented of slavery 150 years ago. No reparations are owed by anyone living in the United States today.

     I am calling on Black Leaders and Leaders of people of color communities. Please lead your community. The movement to obtain reparations, and, the promotion of hating of white people, etc., is counter-productive and not beneficial to race relations. It is destructive and dangerous.  This movement is probably driving a wedge between the Black Community and of color community and non-racist white people.

     We need to work to all get along, regardless of what race we belong too.    

     No mandatory vaccines, etc.

     I will bring lawsuit(s) to prohibit mandatory COVID vaccines.  As noted, courtrooms require evidence and actual proof.  The evidence is that even if people acquire COVID, they have a 99.997% chance of survival.  The evidence is that only 10% of American contracted COVID.  That means 90% of Americans will never even get COVID; their natural immunities protect them from even getting COVID.  Moreover, even if a person gets COVID, they are likely to recover.  Accordingly, the evidence is that vaccines are not even necessary.  Moreover, the vaccines haven't even been sufficiently tested.  All employers, and businesses, and the government, must be prevented from requiring vaccines. 

     If people want to get a vaccine, of course, they can do so.  And, if the vaccine works, then they will be protected from others who have COVID.  Correct?  If they have been vaccinated, and the vaccine works, then the vaccine should protect them from COVID.  So, they do not need to worry about others.  And, if the vaccine doesn't protect them from COVID, then, the vaccine is ineffective and there is no need to be vaccinated.  Mandatory vaccines in these circumstances is unconstitutional and must be prohibited.   In addition, contact tracing must be prohibited; it is a violation of privacy. 


     Protect Voter Security

     I will work to promote Voting Security.  As Minnesota Attorney General, investigations can be done to investigate voter security.  As Americans, we have a constitutional right to vote. This also necessarily implicitly requires that votes be valid, and that each person's vote is counted 1 time.  I would investigate:

  1. who purchased the voting machines?
  2. who programmed the voting machines?
  3. where are the voting machines stored?
  4. who brings the voting machines to and from the polls?

     The investigation needs to establish that the machines are working properly, or, that they are not working properly.  This is required by our constitutional right to vote.  We also need to return to paper ballots.  We need actual evidence that can be kept and counted.  Other voter security measures also need to be implemented.

     Protect the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

     I am a top Second Amendment lawyer in the State of Minnesota.  I have won gun rights cases in 36 different counties in the State of Minnesota, as well as at the Minnesota Court of Appeals.  I am a Second Amendment supporter.  We have the right to keep and bear arms; that means we get to possess firearms and carry them around.  I will protect your Second Amendment rights.

     Justice Scalia recognized that there are 3 main reasons for the 2nd Amendment.  The first is so that we can engage in self defense, defense of family, defense of property.  The other two reasons are more surprising.  The second reason is so that the American citizenry can aid the military in the event of an attack on the homeland of the United States.  The word Militia is IN the Second Amendment; therefore, it CANNOT be a bad word.  For the past 50 years or so, the anti-gun movement has tried to brainwash us into believing that the word Militia is a bad word.  It cannot be a bad word.  What this all reveals is that the American Citizenry IS THE MILITIA.  We are the Militia.  It is not some small group of crazy people.  We are supposed to all have firearms and ammunition.  Indeed, in the 1600s, Americans were required to have sufficient firearms and ammunition, or they were fined.  Americans were required to bring firearms to public meetings and to church.  The third reason for the Second Amendment, as set forth by Justice Scalia, is so that we have the ability to defend ourselves against governmental tyranny.  It also deters governmental tyranny.  Oh, sounds pretty extreme, right?  No.  Actually, history, if studied, has repeatedly shown that when governments have disarmed their own citizens, that many times, it was followed by the slaughter of millions of its own citizens.  It is also worth noting that if a purpose is to be able to defend ourselves against governmental tyranny, then we have to be able to have the same sort of weaponry possessed by our government. 

     I will oppose all legislation impairing our Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms. I strongly oppose any gun registration laws, any red flag laws, any gun size restrictions, any magazine restrictions, any insurance requirements, and any taxes or fees on gun rights, etc., and will fight in court to protect your Second Amendment rights. 

     Support our ally Israel

     I would support our ally Israel.  Israel is one of America's greatest allies in the Middle East.  We share common values with Israel.   

     Investigate and prosecute malfeasance in office

     I would also investigate those responsible for the malfeasance in office regarding the loss, to so called error or fraud, of $300,000,000 million dollars by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

     Remove Keith Ellison From Office

     We need to remove Keith Ellison from government. 

     I am the person to beat Keith Ellison.


     Keith Ellison has been touted as the first Muslim elected to Congress in the State of Minnesota.

     Keith Ellison has been tied to Louis Farakhan.

     Keith Ellison has been tied to CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations.

     CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, was a named, unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation in Texas.

     Keith Ellison, as Minnesota Attorney General, has used his office to sue American citizens for working at their business(es) under the allegations that they violated the orders of Governor Walz.  Do you want someone in office who sues his own citizens for working, based on the allegations that they violated the orders of Governor Walz? NO!  His office made business owners pay thousands of dollars in fines! 

     Radical Islam

     We of course love the Muslim people.  The United States of America has the greatest freedom of religion probably of any country on earth.  Islamic countries do NOT provide for freedom of religion.  Sharia Law is inconsistent with the United States Constitution.  I would work to oppose Sharia Law in the United States of America.


     There are approximately 21 other State Attorney Generals who are suing President Biden for shutting down the pipeline. My choice would be to join their lawsuit.

     Oppose Socialism

     Socialism is a utopian delusion. It does not work. It results in massive poverty, starvation, etc. The abject failures of the former Soviet Union, and, Venezuela, prove that socialism does not work. It resulted in massive unemployment, a lack of food, a lack of medicine, and a lack of even toilet paper. It resulted in widespread poverty and starvation.

     There is a proverb that says that it is the hand of the diligent that maketh rich.  There is another proverb that says that if a person does not work, he does not eat.  A person needs to work, and work in a diligent fashion, to make a decent living.  Failure to do so will result in poverty.  A person also needs to live in accordance with proper values in order to prosper.

     Promote Public Safety

     It is a crime to damage property.  It is a crime to steal.  Rioting is a crime.  Looting is a crime.  It was wrong for Governor Walz to fail to bring in the National Guard until after the rioters had already burned down businesses and the police department.  It is wrong to de-fund police departments.  We should be grateful to our good law enforcement officers who are putting their lives on the line to protect ours.  The vast majority of all police officers are good police officers.  Thank you for your service!  Of course, as in any profession, there are some bad apples, who must be held accountable.      

     Support our Veterans

     I will work to promote the well being of our veterans, their physical health, their mental health, housing, jobs, etc.  Our veterans protected our country, our values, our families, our lives, our well being.  We must also provide for their well being.  Thank you for your service!

     Open Schools

     I will work to protect schools being open full time, live, in person classrooms.  The decisions of Governor Walz harmed childrens’ daily lives, and, future careers. Additionally, children need to grow up around other children. They need to socialize. They need to make friends. They also need to progress in the classes, and advance from grade to grade. Having children home also interferes with parents' ability to work and make a living. Further, the actual data shows that even if people contract COVID, 99.996% of people have mild symptoms. This is publicly published information on the Worldometer. Moreover, billions of people will never get COVID. Accordingly, the threat of COVID is infinitesimally small.


     I am an attorney. I am seeking the Office of Minnesota Attorney General. I have extensive experience and success as a lawyer. I have been working on behalf of people of color, people of all walks of life, and different races and religions, for over 30 years.  I now want to help the citizens of the State of Minnesota and the United States of America.  

     I plan to use the powers of the Minnesota Attorney General Office for good, and, to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of the State of Minnesota and of the United States of America.




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