CD1 Convention

On April 22, God's year of 2022 I was invited out to CD1 to the Loose Moose Saloon and Conference Center in Mankato. it was a good time and really great people. I enjoyed talking to Delegates and spending time with people around Minnesota. God bless us all.

CD7 Convention

On April 29th God's year of 2022 Congressional District 7 held there Convention in Willmar Minnesota at the Willmar Event Center. I had a table set up and got a chance to talk with Delegates and Alternates that are going to be attending State Convention on May 12, 13, and 14th. I got a chance to speak up on stage and mingled with some really great people during social hour. During the Banquet there was a Governors debate and quite and eventful one at that. I was an all around great time, warm and welcoming. The CD7 Convention was a 2 day event. I want to thank all the Delegates and Alternates who participated. I was told that this is a record high attendance for CD7.

Duluth Republican Women

Hello to all the wonderful people of Minnesota. On May 7th God's year of 2022 I got a chance to to address my Freedom power. What I stand for and what I will bring if getting elected as AG. There were so many great people and nice atmosphere. I really enjoyed myself and was warm and comforting. I hope to be joining them all again real soon.

Clarlton County BPOU Meet & Greet

On May 7th Gods year of 2022 I attended a Clarlton County Event held at the Fairgrounds. I got the chance to mingle with the local folks and speak on my beliefs and what I stand for. Evermore, God is great and God Bless the people of Minnesota.

SD 50 Republicans of Bloomington

On March 31, Gods year of 2022. I went to a great speaking engagement held in Bloomington. What an amazing turn out. There were well over a hundred people there from our great State. The room was welcoming and enthusiastic. The crowed was great. I was great because there were so many people wanting the change for Minnesota to go in the right direction.

Wadena County Republicans

On March 29th Gods year of 2022 I was invited out to speak at the Wadena County Republicans event held at the Pizza Ranch. I felt welcomed and and met a lot of really great people. I hope to get out to that area again I really enjoyed there company.

Buffalo Covenant Church Speaking engagement.

I was invited out to Wright County to a speaking engagement held at the Buffalo Covenant Church on April 26th Gods year of 2022, where I met with some wonderful folks. I had a really great time and hope to get back in there area again real soon.

St. Louis County Republicans

On March 24, 2022, Lynne Torgerson for Attorney General was warmly received by the good people of St. Louis County Republicans.  Thank you for hosting Ms. Torgerson!  Go FREEDOM!

Pine County Republicans BPOU Meeting

Pine County Republicans will be hosting Lynne as one of their guest speakers at their BPOU meeting on March 15, 2022!

Isanti County Convention

Lynne was able to attend the Isanti County Convention on March 7, 2022. It was a great time of discussion!